the gardens tree


autumn toxin tides in blood
i take the steps of church
a bell reminds me quarterly
about a soul to search

the air is cold, the benches tough
i strive to be aware
the faces numb, all voices down
a tragedy, i swear

a girl of six in front of me
i look into her eyes
she wants to die, she´s beggin for
they say she´s telling lies

she holds an image in her hand
a boy she lost in war
There´s no more sense if he´s not there
i wanne live no more.

i don´t know how to care for her
i´m rigid, i feel faint
the pain she bears is more than i
could ever write or paint

so we leave to my gardens tree
embracing pain and fate
she sinks onto my womb and crys
her tragedy of hate

some leaves are parting from a bench
to show their way to die
the wind blows warm and sings along
a song to mothers tie

Dear child, next time stay here, i trust
the tree will guide my search.
I go for help, i will come back
one time you´ll dance your church.