borders embracing


lately guests are best it names
surprising, although rough
what hell to see >U< in again
another yearning bluff

franconian dialecting love
a twinmade style and glance
he grabs his womb, he strokes his chest
i´m stunned and start to dance

a scar on top of hand, his right
is casting spell on me
most scars i feel attracted by
and one ~ this is ma thee

what yearning hell of substitude
i search the life force near
i look into his eyes and see
he doesnt like the tear

sex is overrated, well
he speaks as dry and rad
i hear da substance greedy heart
once more i´m deadly sad

i walk the trees across the dust
try boast ma voice to ground
i breathe ma cutting emptiness
to moss the tear around

still asking bout the dignity
of lifetimes loving >wrong
this illness seems ma patience way
go on 2 cry ma song